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The City

About Funchal

Funchal is the Capital of Madeira’s Archipelago, the first place the Portuguese settled overseas in the 15th Century, in the Age of Discoveries.
Soon, Funchal became a very important harbour in the Atlantic, as many ships stopped over to get supplies.

It was in Madeira that the mass production of sugar started. Madeira supplied sugar to Europe in the 15th and 16th Centuries. The sugar trades brought a lot of wealth to the Island, which attracted many foreigners.
Christopher Colombus was in Madeira for the first time in 1478 due to a sugar trade and then lived on the Archipelago for about 5 years, as he married a local lady.

With the decline of the sugar trades in Madeira, the Wine industry took over. The fortified Madeira Wine is known worldwide and, according to Thomas Jefferson, it is the wine of every civilized man!

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Where we are

Location and Climate

Madeira Island is a Portuguese archipelago situated in the Atlantic Ocean, approximately 600 miles southwest of mainland Portugal. The main island, Madeira, is located between latitudes 32° and 33° north and longitudes 16° and 17° west.

The island’s unique location contributes to its remarkable climate. Madeira enjoys a subtropical climate with mild temperatures throughout the year. The oceanic influence moderates both summer and winter temperatures, resulting in pleasant weather. Summers are typically warm and dry, with average temperatures ranging from 23°C to 26°C (73°F to 79°F). Winters remain mild, with average temperatures varying between 17°C and 20°C (63°F to 68°F).

The surrounding Atlantic waters also play a crucial role in the island’s climate. They help maintain a relatively stable and comfortable environment. However, the mountainous terrain of Madeira causes varied microclimates across the island. The northern regions generally receive more rainfall and experience cooler temperatures than the southern coastal areas.

The combination of its favorable location and climate makes Madeira Island an attractive destination for travelers seeking a year-round escape to a picturesque and inviting environment.

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