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The Free Tour's Concept and Our Team

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Free Tours' Concept

How are these tours free?

We will take you on guided tours around Funchal, offering you our time and knowledge, based on long hours of study, research and dedication.

In the end, you can show the guide your appreciation with a gratification.

Reviews on Google, Facebook, Instagram and TripAdvisor are always welcome, as it might motivate others to join our tours!

The Free Walking Tours Funchal does not receive any payment or comissions on these tours, other than the gratifications of our guests.

Owner and Guide

Lisa Camacho

My name is Lisa. I was born and raised in Funchal.

Since I was 14, I wished to become a guide and show travelers the place I love the most: Madeira.

After working a few years as a saleswoman in Tourism Animation Agencies, I finally did my Mountain Guide Course and I have been guiding since October 2016.

In 2018, I felt the need to combine City and Mountains and decided to create my own project of the Free Walking Tours Funchal.

So, I’m inviting you to come with me on a Free Walking Tour in Funchal!


Romeu Curto

Hi! I’m Romeu, a teacher and passionate about history, music and poetry.

I live in Funchal and I really love to share the beautiful history of this city, as well as some of the mysteries, legends and curiosities.

I’m collaborating with Free Walking Tours Funchal and waiting for your company to share this paradise!

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